radeon 9200 graf card .. strenge problem


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 24, 2004
having a strenge problem thats REALY getting on my nerves.

my comp work all fine runs daoc smooth and nice .... well almost.

but when i enter a dungeon the grafcard makes comp reboot or just shot the card down ... it ONLY happends in dungeons and there is not specifik time on it somtimes there goes 2 hours other times it reboot every 2 min.

when i return to windows after reboot windows ( xp ) tells me that i need a new driver for the graf card but im running latest and´have tryed several other versions also have updated directX and reinstalled the card.

comp info
athlon 2500
radeon 9200 graf card
512 ddr ram
win xp servicepack 1
directX 9.0b

if u need more info or have a idea whats wrong please post here


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 25, 2003
Had similar problems with a old Radeon 8500 i fixed the problems with switching to a NVidia card back then, but i suggest you check these forums for a possible solution... The Guru3D one's ATi section specially ;)

Guru3D Forum

Hope those help with finding a solution ...

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