Question for fellow skalds.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Id like to ask you people, what ML path will you choose ? i just cant decide, because both sojourner and warlord have some great abilities. For instance Sojouner has ability called Forceful Zephyr witch is around 12s stun. -> you have to place ground target and summon pet that will grab enemys feet and will carry it to GT. They cant use purge, you cant do nothing and what is important you can attack them while they are zephyred :) This is deadly weapon for solo skald with insta mezz.

On the other hand, Warlord has AOE insta purge and all kinds of other stuff so i just cant make my mind realy :)

So what do you all think ?


One of Freddy's beloved
Dec 28, 2003
probably gonna be sourjourner because my grp will need 1, hasn't been decided yet though

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