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Fledgling Freddie
Feb 1, 2004
Contacted GOA about this, but what the hell, I'll put it here too


Hi, I'm having a little problem with these quests.

First of all, I started the tree maidens quest a while ago. I pretty much followed the instructions in this guide:

Now, here's where the problem is. I killed a tittering tree dervish, and got the word-enscribed piece of bark item. That was on Thursday, the 19th of February. The next time I logged in was today, Sunday 22nd of February. I went to speak to the NPC called Tieru in Aalid Feie, and I typed "/s missing one". Nothing happened. I retried a few times, in case I had a spelling mistake or something. Nothing. So I skipped this step, and proceeded to kill the Fomorian. I killed him, and the trees started "singing". I went to one and said "/s hello", but nothing happened again. I checked my quest journal, only to find that there was no mention of the "tree maidens" in there, as if I had never started the quest. Then I went to Lynara, in Droighaid thinking I could restart the quest, but she wont give me the quest.

I also have a similiar problem with the "Lost seed qust". Again, using a guide:

I did the quest two times (out of the 4 times you can do it) on Thursday, 19th. Today I tried starting it for the third time, but Terod, the NPC in Droighaid no longer lets me start it. I haven't logged in between thursday and today, and in that time something apparently got messed up with my quests.

The lost seed quest is an essential thing to do, as it gives a necklace as the reward, that cannot be traded to other players. If I can't do the quest, how am I supposed to get the necklace? Make a new character?

I also was doing the Hand of God quest on thursday, and today it was like I left it.


If anyone can figure out wtf is going on, cool

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