Quake 3 (Open Arena) Skinning


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Dec 22, 2003
So, we at work discovered Open Arena (the free, open sauce version of Q3A. On a Mac. Mmmmmm) and now I'm dusting off my skills to create some custom skins for the people I work with.

Doing the skins themselves won't be a problem, but if I've discovered anything in the last week it's that content doesn't stick around on the internet very long; I read about skinning guides and then find 404s.

So, with the crapness of the internet in mind, does anyone know of any ‘must read’*resources on Q3 skinning that I should refresh myself with, and which are still available on the net?

Also, another thing that doesn't seem to be hosted any more, I read somewhere about some software which lets you paint directly onto rendered 3D models, allowing you to better polish off the details of skins. Never used one, can't even remember what it's called. Does anyone know?



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