Project Sylpheed @ Aada


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Jan 2, 2004
Spill the beans, whats it like? Not had a good space sim in a while.


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Mar 12, 2004
Well i hated the demo so i thought il rent it first and so far its fantastic
the graphics are great (not on the scale of GOW) and the gameplay is good too.

The story is typicaly good of a Square game and the cutscenes are awsome to be fair.

It is extremely difficult though even on normal settings the first couple of missions were just ice breakers to get you used to the controls but after that the missions are much more difficult but hey its nice to have a challenge.

Its really exciting barrel rolling through a shit load of laser fire trying to take down one of the big destroyer ships the afterburner comes in handy although i do advise care in using it as i have a few times gone too fast and smashed into a destroyer ship which resulted in my ship blowing up :D

The only downer so far i could put on it is there is no multiplayer.

Oh yes after each mission you are rewarded credits etc based on how well you have done you can use these credits to make new weapons and these weapons are pretty crucial to each mission as they come under a rock/paper/sis style of play.

Defo picking it up tomorrow as its only £30 in blockbusters.


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Dec 22, 2003
I got it for £25 from Game thanks to a £5 off over £30 spend code - Tho I've yet to unwrap it due to also getting Overlord which I'm enjoying :D

btw you can get your free code here - Get Up and Play

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