[Pricecheck] Weapon Enamel Remover

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by pixie.pebr, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. pixie.pebr

    pixie.pebr Fledgling Freddie

    What do these go for nowadays?
    And they do work on staffs as well, aye (enamel being metaldye for all other purposes)?
    Am interested in buying, but it depends on the current price ;)
  2. Graknak

    Graknak Fledgling Freddie

    Last ones i've seen went for 2-4p aswell as black dye and royal red.
    Putting them on a weapon/staff will make it look like it's crafted like a steel weapon, so blades will look silvery, hilts will most likely look brownish and staves will look woodlike, but this all depends on the model of the item as some staves have metal bits as a base model.
  3. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    First rule of trading: Ignore any prices Cuthbert quotes.
  4. Graknak

    Graknak Fledgling Freddie

    Second rule (of trading): Ignore anything Flesh says (about quoting something) :m00:

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