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Discussion in 'WebDev' started by old.Swaroop, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. old.Swaroop

    old.Swaroop Guest

    Dear Friends,
    I want help in the servers..
    I have downloaded Xmb forum which I wanna use it on my site..
    It is Php based..
    i have uploaded it and according to the intructions I have gone to install.php but it says that
    nohost@localhost.. Access denied..
    I have put the rite pass and login in the config.php..
    Please help me..
    Ur sincerely,
    Swaroop :D
    P.s. I am an illiterate in Php !! ;)
  2. Have you got MySQL access? You will probably need that to use the forum script. Until BW perhaps make it available to all hosted sites, you will need to get a MySQL access set up somewhere else. :(

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