Player exchanges and bookies debate

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by RSO:Gray, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    sounds funny to me but i would wonder if clans could do temp member swaps or something it happens in most sports so why not in gameing clans

    say take member x from clan z and exchange x with member c from clan.

    catch me?

    nore do i

    it might serve clans as well as outher players and increace the community more

    also a contry teams like a england squad type clan vs a USA squad type clan composed of members from these places n all

    im shoure every one is happy and would love to stay put but the more adventurs could take this up to learn new skills and team tactics or so on

    outher then this maybe a betting system on clan matchs i don't know sounds fair to bet with pts @:)

    i dont know i just thought i would post this nonsence to wast time :)
  2. judge_killer

    judge_killer Guest

    hmmm i do get it and it could be good for the community and 2 meet other ppl

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