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Discussion in 'Terran Republic' started by Summo, May 11, 2003.

  1. Summo

    Summo Guest

    I've been in several squads but dammit I really want to nip about with some BW peeps.

    I'm on Markov (do characters work across servers?) so add Summo to your 'buddy' list and call me up. We'll go out on the town. :)
  2. Me and Cdr have been driving jeeps off cliffs (we rock) I shall keep my eye out for you, I'm the striking redhead with the futuristic haircut!
  3. Summo

    Summo Guest

    How damnedly intriguing...
  4. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    Yeah I'm on said same server.
    I'm a Combat Engineer.
    At the moment can drive a Marauder, but I'm respeccing tonight to be a Gal driver and Hacker as well as the Combat eng stuff.

    And the character name is er...Mung.
    /tell me in game if you want to.
  5. -Ultimate

    -Ultimate Guest

    Soz Summo i'd love to but i'm on emerald not Markov as its the East coast server so slightly better ping :)

    If you ever play on emerald just /t Geordieman and i'll sort ya out ;)
  6. Summo

    Summo Guest

    Wheee! :D But at the same time... oh. :(
  7. Wij

    Wij Guest

    Emerald NC wuz my plan...

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