Pl partner needed!


Loyal Freddie
Jan 20, 2005
Looking for somebody to make a PL duo...i need to PL a new bot and am looking for somebody to bring a BB along and an alt to be PLed. i will be going from lvl1-50 so would be handy if your looking got similar amounts!
You must be able to log on both accounts, be a BB/cleric with FoP and preferably red HoT, although i can give u a stone to respec if needed! I will bring a fully kitted out serv nec or ML9 matter cabba depending on mobs!


Fledgling Freddie
May 24, 2004
Hey man, I might be interested. I'm online now on Xzoltan if you wan't to talk a bit :)

edit: otherwise, just give me a shout whenever :eek:) I'll be on tomorrow after work, around 14:00 GMT at the latest. We might be able to set something up there, if not, I got all sunday as well :)

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