Phoenix event: Green Glades & Ashen Isles are waiting for you!

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May 30, 2007
Green Glades & Ashen Isles are waiting for you!
We are going to bring back the first event of 2019 as the last event of this year.

Our plan was to create a new event but that took more time than expected, so we will have to delay this a bit and you will have something to look forward in 2020. Instead you will have the pvp event which will take place in some TOA zones. It will have a 1vs1 and 5vs5 zone. More infos below. The event will start December 13th, 1pm CET and end December 15th.

The event will take place in ToA. The entire Oceanus Hesperos zone will be a safezone. From any teleporter in your realm you will be able to port there during the event. At the safezone you will find some mobs of different levels and another teleporter which will port you and/or your group to a random location in Ashen Isles (1vs1 Zone) or Green Glades (5vs5 Zone). The PvP rule set is enabled in all overworld ToA zones, except Oceanus Hesperos, however we don't really intend any fights from happening anywhere but in the 2 zones with the teleport points. Access to dungeons is disabled.

It is „Player vs Player“, but you can only group with players from your realm. It will not be possible to chat with people from other realms. Every player Level 40 and above will be able to attend the event.

Killing players will grant you the regular amount of rps. In the eventzone there will be NO rvr tasks and also no rp bonuses from keeps or from being underpopulated. All kills & deaths that are happening in the eventzone will be tracked and will give you access to special titles.

We may do a test before the event which we will announce on discord and ingame, where players will be able to test the zone and the conditions before the event.

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