Persifal's ML4 Raid Thu 22 Sept 7UK


Mar 26, 2005
7UK = 8 CEST = 6 GMT

Starts Stygia, pres - spoken to Arbiter and activated MLS.

FFA lotto. If I see a decent drop for my infiltrator, cabby or mincer I may claim it, but no more than one.

BG Up on Grandiose.

I am doing this for MLXP to get to ML8 before Sunday, so at some point I may need to return to arbiter to get ML7 before continuuing the raid. That is my only condition for running this. I will also only lead it if I find a group with at least 3 people who need the steps.

We will not do 4.1, 4.3 & 4.4 as these are easily done in a group. If there are too few people I will abandon the raid.

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