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Joker Bravo

Fledgling Freddie
Jan 21, 2004
Hi All,
Been playing 2 to 3 weeks now, only been killin animals for hide, bones, etc..
well last night I hooked up with a wookie (real nice guy) and we went hunting.
Came across on of jabba's thiefs, he opened up on him, so I joined in. Killed the poor slob and screen says I lost faction points with the jabba faction. Which I figured would happen.
Question is, If I want to do the Jabba's palace thing i should not kill any more of them right? (at -50 with them now)
But is it ok to kill the moisture thiefs, spice feinds, jawas etc?
We came up on this one guy, forget his title, we were both dead in about 15 seconds, had a wooden pole whipping up on us.
Was just wondering if I was messing up future quest by killin peoples?

Joker B


Can't get enough of FH
Jan 15, 2004
unlikely m8 all factional mobs have opposites who you kill to raise your faction up again for instance with jabba if you kill his men and lose jabba faction then you just go kill valarians this will raise your jabba faction


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
kill em all!

It makes it a bit more fun if every NPC u encouter hates you!

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