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Discussion in 'Neocron' started by bongos, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. bongos

    bongos Guest

    ok so i just bought neocron and am itching to play ....
    this is all well and good... but...i downloaded most of the patches but when i get to patch #160 it always says neocron has performed an ileagal opperation is there anyway i can stop this form happening as neocron sounds really good :)
  2. djohn2001

    djohn2001 Guest

    their is no cue for this trouble at the mom ok........... the only way for this is to just download the patch normaly not the quick way and then it will recognize the other patches and you can then logg on.
  3. Bure Ygg

    Bure Ygg Guest

    download the NeocronLauncher.exe if u look abit down u see this

    US Version Patcher Bug!
    Please copy this NeocronLauncher.exe into your
    Neocron directory to avoid patch problems!

    it worked for me

    Btw what server do u guys play on? i stort on Pluto it seems like most ppl play there
  4. Yes, I recall having the same trouble until I downloaded the new Neocron launcher, so download that, failing that you can email Neocron support.

    Good luck.

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