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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Esoteric, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    Will the stupid thing ever not glow.....!!!

    Sure it looks great but I mean for gawd's sake, its like a big wp sign above a moving inf.....

    Can't believe its been left to drag on.... at least if old nc/tr blades sparked as chains went round it would be ok but OH NO.

    I like our blade looks great but looks don't kill unless your Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  2. Will

    Will Guest

    The NC blade makes loads of noise in secondary mode, so its even easier to detect the stab attempt.
  3. They get decent pistols though...

    Has anyone ever killed anyone (solo) with a beamer?

    imo you're best with a repeater (when you can find one) and a little distance, people expect infs to be sat ontop of them, so sometimes miss you if you're further away.. and the repeater does nice damage, and has good accuracy up to med range.

    VS knife, like most VS weapons, looks neat, but is functionally pretty rubbish.
  4. Will

    Will Guest

    The shotgun pistol is pretty wet all things considered. I would always take an AMP when I was an inf. For one thing, its a damn sight easier to swap it for a repeater when you acquire one.;)
  5. Hehe - got my first knife kill in last night.

    Was all out of ammo for my sniper rifle and had 10 shots left in my Gauss. I start back towards the AMS to resupply when I spot some TR guy madly shooting his chaingun on anything that dared to move... so I charged him with my knife, preparing for a quick ride back on heavenly wings...

    Took me five swings in secondary mode to kill him whilst he kept trying to shoot me. Was a wild chase - and I got the bastard. RAR!

    God, did I feel smug. :)
  6. Glowing Blade


    Whizzy little chain sound

    I know what's easier to spot.
  7. Depends on eyesight/hearing.

  8. Will

    Will Guest

    Why aren't you behind them like a good inf?;)
  9. trafikk_jamm

    trafikk_jamm Guest

    The VS knife glows and hums in secondary mode, whereas TR and NC just hum :(

    Katya BR20 VS
  10. Mine was actually singing Italian opera pieces while I stabbed that TR... very embarrassing. :(
  11. I'm not an inf.....

    Still not an answer though is it?
  12. Belsameth

    Belsameth Guest

    he means the repeater.
    which is clearly teh win. can still shoot somebody, and hit, from half a mile away. AND do damage at the same time :)
  13. The question is, though... can it sing?
  14. Belsameth

    Belsameth Guest

    not really. it can make you scream tho, so that is clearly teh win :D
  15. I'll be BR18 soon... so third implant = Darklight.

    ph34r, you ugly stealthers. :eek:
  16. old.Tbird

    old.Tbird Guest

    It's strange because as a Terran inf i'd love to have your knife, I made loads of kills in beta using it and melee implant. As it stands I have never used my chainblade because instead of averaging 2-3 kills before someone remembers to use DL i'd be putting out a banner saying 'inf here, come check for me'.

    As for the repeater yes it's a brilliant gun, I can already kill people on the top of the tower while on the ground a good way away, in half a level i'll get enhanced zoom and things should get even better :)
  17. Will

    Will Guest

    I found when I played VS, I could power up my knife, and get my two stabs in before they had turned.

    As NC, as soon as you power up, they hear the noise, spin around, and turn on DL.

    Glowing is way cooler anyway.
  18. Spinky

    Spinky Guest

    Yes, several

    I was under the impression that aside from looks the knives were exactly the same in damage potential(?)
  19. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    I actually managed to kill someone with a knife (without melee booster) the other day, was extremely funny.

    Got into tower, had a look around, one guy staying still on top of the tower, figured he was afk, hacked the tower, all well and good.

    Go up to the top to try and kill him or at least see what he's doing, he's nowhere in sight. Go back down, and he's trying to hack the tower. Now at the time, I can't remember why, but I didn't have a gun - think I was carrying a load of jammer grenades but not much else. So I thinks to myself, got to try this while he's otherwise occupied.. get knife out, stab him about 4 times, then he stops hacking and moves away. I guess he didn't have DL, because he starts spraying bullets around randomly - don't know how but I dodged all his shots, he didn't hit me once. Then after a little while, the stupid idiot went back and tried to hack it again, he'd not got any medkits obviously, because I snuck up behind him again, and one more hit with the knife and he went down. Was very proud of myself :)
  20. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    They are :)
  21. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    :bazbeer:Go Nova Go Nova :):bazbeer:
  22. Loveless

    Loveless Guest

    How many people actually play PS with no vol/low vol and MP3s on?

    You can tell who does it when your able to follow them with secondary on NC knife and them not kerpwn you :>
  23. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    Simply dont turn it on until you need to use it, running around with your blade glowing is just asking for trouble.

    If your opponent is sharp enough to be able to locate the blade, turn on DLV and unload a few clips into you before you can deliver the second stab, then he deserves to live. Fortunately for the cloaker, very few are this clever or have good enough reactions...most just fire randomly into the air, then accuse you oof cheating when you deliver the second decisive blow :)

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