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Fledgling Freddie
Jul 24, 2008

Friendship. Camaraderie. Fun. This is what ties the members of Order of the Hammer together. If you are looking for a hardcore guild, to collect the most über loot or race through levels then you may be dissatisfied here. The Order of the Hammer embraces more of a casual play style, one that is flexible enough to cater to various real life demands of many of our members. While we will definitely enjoy coming together for Realm versus Realm battles, Public Quests, or to assist our members in reaching their goals, we will spend time together and help one another because we want to, never because we are required to.

The Order of the Hammer is a casual, family/real life friendly guild made up of members of the Ten Ton Hammer community who have come together out of a desire to capture the fun, not too serious atmosphere of the WAR: TTH forums and bring that into the game. We are not 'officially' affiliated with the Ten Ton Hammer network, but are more a group of the TTH community members who like to game together.

A bit about us

What server type will the guild be playing on?
With some of our members displaying an interest in roleplaying, we have decided to form the guild on Core-RP servers.

Do you have any sort of membership requirements?
At this point in time, no. If you've applied for membership, odds are that you'll be accepted unless your bad reputation precedes you or your name violates Mythic's naming policy (yet to be announced). We welcome all members of all levels. Whether you're an experienced player or newbie, an adventurer or a hardened PvPer, you're welcome in our guild halls. Your attitude is what's most important to us.

All new members are accepted on a trial basis and will remain initiates until they have had the opportunity to group with guild members. We want to get to know you, just as you'll want to get to know us. If your play style and personality mesh with the guild, you'll be welcomed as a full member.

How do I join the Order of the Hammer guild?
Simply register here on the guild forums and then fill out an application as described here.

Is Order of the Hammer a hardcore RvR-PvP guild?
Not in the traditional sense, no. While we are certainly planning engage in RvR-PvP, both to help fellow guild members and just for the fun of it, RvR-PvP is not a top priority for this guild. Many of the guild's members are looking forward to participating in the 'entire' RvR experience (RvR-PvP, RvR-PvE, Crafting and Role-playing), so to have a heavy focus on one aspect of the game would be doing a disservice to the other members.

You will never be required to engage in RvR-PvP. Members will attend RvR-PvP battles and scenarios to help their fellow members accomplish their goals because they want to, not because they have to. We want to keep RvR fun, not turn it into work.

Yours Thankfully


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 7, 2008
Isnt this weird

My guild has almost the same name as yours, Is on the same server but is Order.

Ill look for you on the battlefield ;)

P.S your name isnt very destro is it. Its like ours..... very Order, hell it has Order in its title lol


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 5, 2008
and Archaon is a elven Blade Dancer

this is the end of days


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