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Resident Freddy
Jan 10, 2004
Hey all,
I've had operation flashpoint for ages now, loved the game, used to play it all the time, got pretty handy with the editor and probably spent more time making levels than playing them, but i recently got a new computer and operation flashpoint seems to crash on it, i went back to the place i got it and some smart ass fool kept telling me that it was somthing to do with the game. I have searched for a good few hours on the net using various search engines to find the solution to my problem, tried to register on Bohemia Interactive's (the makers of the game) forum to ask but there seems to be an error with the register script... i really, really wanna play this game again as i think it rocks...

the crashing problem only seems to happen when theres alot going on, like when flying a plane the system will be ok for a second or two, but fire too many missles and all of a sudden the computers sound goes all wierd (kinda like NES sound, really low grade) for about 5-10 seconds before the computer restarts.

the same thing happens when i put too many ppl around on the editor and when theres alot of explotions going off.

i set the system up so that it would not auto-restart and got a blue error page (not a normal blue screen of death) witch mentioned one of my geforce drivers on there.. i have the latest drivers so i dont know what could be wrong.

my system spec is as follows :

Pentium 4 2.8Ghz HT processor
Geforce 4 MX 400
C-Media AC97 sound
Windows XP Pro
(with a good 50GB of 80GB hard drive space left)

the last system i had that ran OK on was:

Pentium 3 600Mhz
Geforce 2 (not sure what type/version)
(no idea what sound)
Windows XP Pro
(with around 10GB of a 50GB hard drive space left)

so anyone know what could be wrong? (i have all the updates for the game, hardware and Direct X version 9.0b(off the website))

any / all help would be appreciated, as i have a LAN party coming up and need to make a race map for it :D

EDIT : i seem to remember the game works OK when i disable sound on the computer, not sure tho.. will check now :D

EDIT 2: ok so muted the sound via the control panel, opened Opflash and then i was flying around, made loads of explosions, crashed the plane and made lots of smoke and flames, no problems at all, then i went to quit to write this and the computer shut down as i exited Opflash :S

every time it restarts it says "the computer has just recovered from a serious error" (it is error, i know theres a difference between "error" and "problem" on these messages.)

again any / all help would be much appreciated, wanna play the game! :D


I aer teh win!!
Dec 22, 2003
Check your options and check if you have hardware acceleration or EAX enabled, disable them and see if that helps.

See if you can get the latest drivers for your soundcard, it may just be a driver problem.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
I'd say concentrate on troubleshooting sound.

Find out what kind of sound hardware the system has. Then look for new drivers and/or tweak its settings.

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