Open beta? realisticly?

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by chrislocalboy, May 15, 2008.

  1. chrislocalboy

    chrislocalboy Fledgling Freddie

    As the title suggests how long do you all think until WAR moves into open beta? I've seen people say as early as June and others saying September and August.

    I know we can only really guess at this stage but the forums are a bit quiet at the momemt aswell so I'm trying to make a little conversation!


    Damn..... completely mis-spelt realistically.
  2. Dreamor

    Dreamor Can't get enough of FH

    Open Beta, probably August at the earliest... still no guild beta (if that will ever happen) and lots of other testing to be done.
  3. chrislocalboy

    chrislocalboy Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah I was wondering that aswell.....I'm actually wondering if they will have it or not, maybe they will skip it and go straight to open beta?

    Hope not though for all the guys that were promised invites.
  4. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Fledgling Freddie

    My opinion has for several months been that we won't see open beta till September, however current events with the pre-orders etc seem to loosely indicate it might be earlier than this.

    Late August seems a pretty good stab tbh.
  5. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Fledgling Freddie

    Guild beta im guessing will be the last phase before open beta, they probably only need a few days to properly test the guild system. Doubtful it will be the "free-play-for-several-months" a lot of players had hoped it would be ;)
  6. chrislocalboy

    chrislocalboy Fledgling Freddie

    Whats making you think it will be earlier than you originally thought?
  7. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    Probably the statements made in other threads about allegedly sending out pre-order packs yesterday. Mine is still marked as on pre-order with no sign of it shipping. Having said that, did say they would send out the packs in time for open beta or end of May anyway so it may just be the latter.
  8. Cyradix

    Cyradix FH is my second home

    My pre-order kit has been sitting on my shelf for weeks now (from Amazon) so don't read anything into sending them out now.... :p
  9. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Fledgling Freddie

    I did say "loosely indicates" for a reason :)

    Release dates of mid-late September have been appearing on websites just recently. Also once they actually start shipping pre-order early access packs, the release date has probably been decided even if not officially announced.

    It's more of a feeling than anything else, things seem to have started gaining momentum and from previous experience of watching mmorpg development, this often happens when the end is in sight :)
  10. ileks

    ileks Part of the furniture

    I reckon September, with guild beta (hopefully!) starting at the beginning of June.
  11. arknor

    arknor Fledgling Freddie

    8-12 weeks before launch imo.

    in an interview one of the guys were talking abouthow confident a developer is of there product determines when the nda is dropped.

    he was saying sucky mmos score around 4 (1point = 1 week)
    sucessful mmos around 8
    and he mentioned wow went off the scale with a score of 12+

    we all know the nda is dropped when the open beta starts so i imagine open beta will start around august
  12. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    That was the man himself Mark Jacobs:

    Link to quote -> here <-
  13. arknor

    arknor Fledgling Freddie

    yea thats the one , that paul barnett guy seems to go online alot about there faith in the game so i reckon they will want to score an 8+ as my earlyer post indicates
  14. chrislocalboy

    chrislocalboy Fledgling Freddie

    Well from Mark's statement it it sounds like they may equal or try and even beat WOW's score of 12..... we all know how confident all the staff are, it shows in all the videos, podcasts and interviews etc etc.
  15. Guyton

    Guyton Fledgling Freddie

    As much as I want WAR out as soon as possible I am also quite happy to wait. I have been waiting for this for a while- ever since I stopped playing DAOC about 3 years ago :) , the more I see and read from the developers I want them to make it as good as they can and I am sort of happy with that. After 3 years of WoW the one thing I miss more than anything is a good RvR session :)
  16. d34k

    d34k Fledgling Freddie

    According to Destin Bales (interview on IGN on May 13th), there ain't going to be an open beta. So that might answer your question.

    Link: IGN: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Preview
  17. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    This is something they have repeatedly stated. Their version of "open" beta will just be the same as closed beta (as in invited testers olny) but with the NDA lifted so they can invite the press and other games industry types. It will also be the point where CE Pre-Order key holders can enter the beta.
  18. Mastade

    Mastade Fledgling Freddie

    They can do the open beta when the weather is gonna be crap again :D
  19. Gurrabella

    Gurrabella Fledgling Freddie

    Open beta with preorder

    hey guys, i just got the EU preorder and i was wondering if anyone knowes how to actually type in the preorder code on your warhammer account (the one on Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning) ive "registered for beta but i cant find anywhere to type in the code i got with the preorder.

    any help is apriciated :)
  20. Reno

    Reno One of Freddy's beloved

    You can't, not yet anyway

    War is still in closed beta atm.
    Then I'll expect there to be the long awaited guild beta, and finally "open" beta.
    You might see open beta in august, but that's complete speculation on my part and a bit optimistic.

  21. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    Depending on what platform and which browser you use to view the site you can actually see bits of the beta code entry page when the flash is loading at the start.

    But at the moment there is nowhere to enter codes but you can bet they will make a big noise about it when you can.
  22. Gurrabella

    Gurrabella Fledgling Freddie

    the beta question

    allright. Thanks for the fast replys. very comforting to know that its not me doing anything wrong :)

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