Open Beta download doesn't work!!!

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Derian, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Derian

    Derian Fledgling Freddie

    Hi all,

    Has anyone else got this message when trying to download the Open Beta: "You do not have the rights to access this service"??

    Can't believe that i cannot download the client. :eek:
  2. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    If you're not in OB, you won't get it. Though they should give a way to download the client for players who won't have a hard-copy (AKA, silly people)
  3. Derian

    Derian Fledgling Freddie

    I have the CE in my hand right now. That means i am in the Open Beta. Where do i enter my codes if i need to or tell them that i have the OB.
  4. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    Hmmm... Give it a while then, remember, EU is going to be hammered.
  5. Wildkard

    Wildkard Fledgling Freddie

    I'm the same...I have my CE pre-order box and the download wont work!! :(
  6. Derian

    Derian Fledgling Freddie

    Quite frustrating tbh. I would of thought they would of had the sense to make you need to use the key to download it. Thats way not every man and his dog is downloading it.
  7. Derian

    Derian Fledgling Freddie

    This is what i get.

  8. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    Is the problem downloading the "War Europe Downloader.exe" or is it running that file?
  9. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    Random thought is you've got a cached version of the flash that thinks you still need to be logged in/open beta access to download.

    Hmm, are you logged in when you try to download? or logged out? I can get the link while not logged in - might be if you login but weren't in closed beta it's doing something different?
  10. Derian

    Derian Fledgling Freddie

    When i click on the link on the main page it gives me that sign.

    Thanks for the direct link flim.
  11. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    Flim, I had that aswell. Totally logged out, could download the downloader, which I'm not going to do since there's no point me doing it.

    GL to people who play OB, I expect shaman info!
  12. Derian

    Derian Fledgling Freddie

    Well that link worked and i am now downloading the client :D

    Do me a favour and lock or delete this please flim.

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