Ol'skool Blackguard and Ozzy


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 3, 2004
Hi, was reading some thread about 'What do you remember from your time of n00bieness' and I started thinking back to when I started DAoC about 4 months after release.

I was playing an Avalonian male Cleric by the name of Klamorious or something smiliar.

Anyway Im looking for a Paladin by the name of Blackguard and an icewizard named Ozzy(I think that was the name) from around that time

Blackguard and myself played quite abit together, he had played paladin alot before rerolling as blackguard, looking for a good spec or something.

We were leveling mostly in Avalon Marsh, later on moved to Camp. Forest around level 10-12...
You tought me how to heal, when to heal, buffs and how to use /loc...
I dont remember if you were in a guild, I joined ASq after we stopped leveling together as you stopped logging in (or whatever happend), but if I recall correctly you knew some people in Guardians of Light

Anyway if you read this, drop a line, wanna talk to you again :)

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