Old NS community with new server :)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
The Mr Men clan has recently upgraded our server (to a very nice Dual MP system) so we decided to run a few more game servers :cheers:

We are mainly an Natural Selection clan so we are running two NS servers (one res slots only for NS community members @ #ns.rss), along with DOD, CS, Enemy Territory and Desert Combat. We should hopefully be running a Tribes Vengence server shortly, once we figure out why it wont start.

We try to do our best in providing some form of teamplay and also to provide a friendly servers for players who want to play decent games.

So, if you fancy trying out the new beta 5 of NS (more classic NS rather than combat), or just fancy somewhere different to play, please give us a try :)

You can find a list of server IP's and current players on our main web page:

Or join #the.mr.men on quakenet


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