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Dec 22, 2003
Oi @Job! for some reason I can't start a conversation with you (@Deebs?), so I have to post this here:

I've just been rung by my letting agent - says my boiler has gone pop (after 30 years).

I'm happy to replace it, but the thing is I had some work done on it not long ago and at the time I recall being told that the flue on the external wall needed changing. So, of course, I said yes.

Now the letting agent said that wind was a factor in this - that it'd been very windy and stuff had burned through (great detail, I know) - and I'm suspicious. A few things have been going wrong under this new tenant that other tenants and myself never had problems with.

I wondered at the time about the external flue - all the houses on the street have them. But for a quiet life I went with the advice coming via the agent.

So, A) could this potentially have been caused by some dodgy flue work, and B) how would I find out?

I'm stuck in deepest darkest Wales for 3 more days, but I guess I could get someone to go round and check (an independent, separate from the letting agency guy). But I only want to go to that expense if it's worth it and if there's a reasonable prospect that if he did find something dodgy that I've got potential comeback.

What/who should I be asking m8?


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Dec 22, 2003
Blimey, not much to go on there.
If its an older boiler (non condensing), the flue should point down a bit to stop water blowing in, the newer boilers have the flue pointing up.
If you have the older.boiler 30 years old, guess it is then this rain and wind could have blown in and shorted something...Im just guessing here..burned out isnt much to go on and people always describe things from their own perspective.
If an older boiler has the flue pointing up then it is fitted incorrectly, not dangerous, but risks rain getting in and damaging electrics.

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