Offering services as a Spellcrafter


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 22, 2003
as ToA has hit my bank
i'm offering my services as a LGM spelllcrafter
My crafter is 1004 skill and has never lost an item

I charge 250g an overcharged item, 300g if the item has 2+ tier 8+ gems. For focus staffs i charge 400g an item due to needing 4 tier 10 gems.

My crafters name is Blonde
if you see her online with a /who and its displaying her tradeskill this will generaly mean i am free to craft for you.

While i have never lost an item, there is a very small risk of this happening. Due to my skill being 1001+ and the gems i'm making being 99%+ i'm doing everything my side to miniumise the risk of Booms.

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