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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 26, 2003
Basically i've got an o2 contract and i would like to be notified by text message when i receive an email to username@o2.co.uk.

I login to my o2.co.uk account, click my message pad, click email to mobile, a popup page opens about enabling filters etc, but i tick the option "Always Alert Me", then i press ok, the page reloads and stays there, nothing else happens.

It doesnt close or say i've updated anything etc. I've tested emailing username@o2.co.uk but it doesnt text to my phone, though i can see it in my email inbox.

I'm asking here first because i hate all type of customer service helplines, especially the likes of ntl, so if i could fix it without bothering them i'd be happy. I think they will just tell me to logon and do it anyway which i've done, and if i explain its not working the girl on the other end of the phone will probably be braindead for the next 30mins trying to work out how to get it working, thus costing me a fortune.

So the question i would like to know, is does anyone have this working on o2? if so did they enable it through the website.

Also my friend is on t-mobile and he gets the whole email sent to his phone (yes that might be a pain in the arse if its a long email) but o2 seem to only send one message (from what ive read?), which is not beneficial to me if i'm in work with no net access and i want to read it :)

anyone any ideas that could help me out?



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Dec 22, 2003
tRoG said:
You seem to be doing that an awful lot.

Maybe he has something stuck in his throat.

Either that or he's choking on the shite he's found as he's dissappeared up his own backside.

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