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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Scouse, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Scouse

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    Wher's her duty of care to check the man she thought she was having sex with hadn't drunk 20 bottles of beer?

    Speaking to a woman you've been performing oral sex on being the thing that gives the game away doesn't seem to me the action of someone who wss trying to hide it?

    Plus - raping someone with your mouth? When did potential sexual assault get made rape?

    Plus: 20 bottles of beer? Why are women seemingly free of the reponsibility that men have?

    Unanimous verdict indicates more than was going on in the story but in this age of equality the law looks increasingly one sided IMO.

    Edit: To be fair, not firmly behind the above thoughts, but they do occur to me when reading the story.
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  2. Job

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    Yes..there has to be a back story, a custodial sentence for having sex with someone who most people would think was consentual given that she willingly engaged in it regardless of not checking who it was.
    Its a bit harsh though it may be its just for the guy being an all around cunt...whichnof course is wrong...but right.
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  3. Access Denied

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    This is a tricky one. The article doesn't mention that she's refuting his statement that she initiated the activity. That being the case, the assumption that she was with someone else shouldn't take away from the consent and if he ceased all sexual activity the moment she realised who it was and withdrew consent, should it be deemed rape, or even sexual assault?

    On the other side of that. I find myself wondering what he was doing in someone elses bed in the first place. He states that he'd had 20 bottles of beer. Now even with weak as nats piss beer, that much will get you drunk but he apparently remembers events pretty clearly so he wasn't drunk enough to have wandered into the room by mistake and not wondered why there was someone in his bed, unless it was a party and people were just crashing anywhere. There simply isn't enough information to form a solid opnion on the matter.
  4. Lakih

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    They were teammates and according to the article in "their flat" so it is probably safe to assume they were roommates sharing an apartment. To me it sounds like a case of girl mistakenly thinks she has sex with person A but instead having sex with person B, realises her mistake, stop and either 1. Person B don't stop (Rape) or, 2. They stop (not rape).

    I think there's a lot more to the story then the article tells.

    A case of mistaken identity should not be rape in any way IMO.
    "Sorry, I thought I was giving consent to someone else, so this is rape." effin hell no, its not.
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  6. Job

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    A friend of mine got accused of rape..we were out all night as two couples, it was their first date and she was all over him all night, Im talking grabbing his dick and constant sexual comments.
    I got a call off the police two days later to give a statement, well yea its true she seemed totally up for it, but in reality does that mean anything.

    They could have had an argument and he could have raped her, I'll never know the truth, she dropped the charges.
  7. Access Denied

    Access Denied It was like that when I got here...

    That's a pretty sad indictment of the times we're living in. Also:

    This is the sort of person who makes it incredibly difficult for true victims to come forward. Even though false allegations are a tiny, tiny minority, any fales allegations are used by unscrupoulous people to throw doubt on all other allegations and actual victims are often left without justice because of it. She should face prison time to be honest.
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