nfs movie


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 30, 2003
its me :D

well.. took me like 1xxx times to accomplish :p

as i said... im BORED! kthx :p

glad you liked it =)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 21, 2004
Cewl drift chain ;)

hehe drift is easy way to unlock paintings and cars :clap:
got stuck in race 56 , they drive damm fast now :)

but if you now wanna race that long and get youre hands on the stuff
here are some cheatcode's

Start game as usual.
Prior to entering each of the following Need for Speed: Underground cheats,
go to the main menu,
go to the Statistics sub-menu,
go back again (press [Delete]),
and finally enter your desired cheat:

If you have the illegal copy of the game (bad on you)
you will have to press backspace.

gimmesomecircuits - Unlock all circuits
gimmesomesprints - Unlock all Sprint circuits
gimmesomedrag - Unlock all Drag circuits
driftdriftbaby - Unlock all Drift circuits
gimmeppablo - Unlock Petey Pablo car (Mitsubishi Motors Eclipse)
havyamystikal - Unlock Mystikal car (Toyota Celica)
gotcharobzombie - Unlock Rob Zombie car (Nissan 350Z)
needmylostprophets - Unlock Lost Prophets car (Nismo Nissan Sentra)
119focus - Unlock car
893neon - Unlock car
899eclipse - Unlock car
371impreza - Unlock car
222lancer - Unlock car
922sentra - Unlock car
667tiburon - Unlock car
334mygolf - Unlock car
77peugeot - Unlock car
777rx7 - Unlock car
350350z - Unlock car
111skyline - Unlock car
221miata - Unlock car
2000s2000 - Unlock car
889civic - Unlock car
228supra - Unlock car
240240sx - Unlock car
342integra - Unlock car
239celica - Unlock car
973rsx777 - Unlock car
givemenismo - Unlock car
allmylvloneparts - Unlock all level 1 performance parts
allmylvl2parts - Unlock all level 2 performance parts
seemylvl2parts - Unlock all level 2 visual parts
slidingwithstyle - Unlock drifting physics

if you exit game you loose the unlocked cars again , and so the painting etc
but you can drive with it tho. the stuff on youre own car stay's but when you win a price that say , youre car is updated with xxx lvl-1 then you loose the lvl2 part on it ;p *car went up by 5cm all of a sudden* whee nice price ;D had to buy lower car 2 again.

tip. hmm don't download the soundtracks from kazzaa and put it in youre real car. hmmm makes you drive fast , and there are NO style points in RL :D


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
givf name of "alexander kjykling,mestare i sykkling" song !!!!!!!!!!!XD


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 16, 2004
I have't played NFS Underground for a while, Mulitplayer sucks too much. Way too many cheaters online in my opinion. I just need to do 4 or 5 more races to have done them all.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 30, 2003
lostone said:
givf name of "alexander kjykling,mestare i sykkling" song !!!!!!!!!!!XD

:D its a remix done by P3 in sweden... got it from a friend with noname on file... but i will find out.


Balls of steel
Dec 22, 2003
i like the fact hes lan order of magnitude above everyone else in terms of score and throughout ht ewhole race he was on 0 :D

top marks.

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