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Dec 22, 2003
Battle with Maat
-We believed Red mage players would have highs kill and included it at a high difficulty. This will be adjusted down a tad.
-Monks should not attack all out from the beginning
-It's hard being defeated after using a lot of medicines, but don't worry about dying once or twice
Dark knights have been strengthened since the past, but with the possibility of increased Demon type mobs, Samurais should also wait and keep an eye open.
-Summoners will be altered. You will not be able to keep a summon out indefinately. They won't be strengthened, but rather altered to make them more unique.

New WS
-We have used all the effects that were made for the game. If we do add in any more, it would be done in diffrent direction, such as weapon specific WS.
-Monsters which are too strong and everyone avoids will possibly be altered.

-A new battlefield set up for high level players, akin to conquest areas
-You can get there easily, but it won't be easy getting out
-Like a giant BC, you'll need an over alliance of 18+ players to balance out the monsters
-There's no special requirement for getting out, but you can't just walk out. Telepo or dying would be a choice. Its not going to be cakewalk.
-YOu must have your tactics and preparations ready to survive

-Has no bearing on Limbo or vice versa
-There will be a story involved to let you start pvp
-You won't be able to just hit the person next to you

-Country specific missions will stay as they are. There may be plans for changes, but this is currently under lock and key
-We are not thinking about adding more Zilart Missions
-We are thinking about adding more plot using the current missions

NA players
-There has been increased strain on the servers, but peak times are not affected
-We are happy that there are may JP/NA mixed parties
-We are not sure if we will raise the level cap again
-There may be new ways to strengthen your character after you hit the level cap. This may be in first before a level cap raise

Resolutions for 2004
Matsui-shi: Seek balance between jobs with PvP being started
Kawamoto-shi: Add in more events for players around lv30
Tsuugushi-shi: Add in some events when a specific xp level has been reached

-Dengeki FF11 4koma manga no. 12/20

taken from the japanese play-online site, posted on VN boards


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 22, 2003
a better translation from

RE: Battle against Maat (Limit 5);

- We felt RDM's player skills were at high level, so we made it harder than other jobs on purpose. We plan to make it a little bit easier next time. (Means next patch, I suppose.)

- MNK should NOT go with everything they got from the start.

- We understand it's tough for you to lose despite you have used lots of consumable items (portions, ethers, etc.), but don't get too depressed by a couple of lost battles.

- DRK's have been made stronger, but we want SAM's to stay patient as there may be stronger Demons added in the future. (This is the one that was translated completely wrong. DRK's abilities let them fight easier against mobs like Weapons and Golems, and at lvl 71-75, many go kill those, thus DRK's r welcomed. SAM's abilities, on the other hand, let them fight easier against Demons, so that's why they said to wait till stronger Demons get added.)

- We plan to make a few more adjustments to SMN's. It won't be possible to keep the summoned monsters out forever [even after the adjustment]. It'll be "adjustments," not "strengthening." We hope to make SMN more unique [to other jobs], or stronger job. (They said it won't be "strengthening," but here they said "more unique OR stronger." it's really standing against each other, but that's what they said.)

RE: New Weapon Skills [added in the last patch]

- We have now used up all the WS graphical effects we had in the beginning. If we were to add more WS' in the future, it'll be in the different direction. Like one you can use only with specific weapons.

- We plan to make the monsters that are too strong that no player even considers fighting now more "rewarding."

RE: Limbo Area

- It'll be like a "conquering" battle field using up a whole area, designed for high level players.

- It's like you can't go there as "what it is" and you can't get out of there easily. (This line didn't make clear sense even in the original sentence. This must be something you can't figure out the meaning of until you actually see it. Nevertheless, the part "what it is" may mean that you can't go in as what you are right now, or maybe something else. I don't know. Anyways, that's the best translation I can do.)

- It's like a huge BC battle field. It's designed for "over-alliance" of more than 18 players.

- There's no requirement to get out of Limbo. But you can't walk out on your foot. You get out by Teleport, by "dying and zoning," etc. It's not an easy area where you can go in as if you were going to picnic.

- Advanced preparation will be necessary. (otherwise, you won't live.)

- We can't talk about the purpose of Limbo yet, but there is a purpose to it. Like associated story, items, etc.


- It doesn't have any relationships with the Limbo.

- You will be able to do it, after involved story and various settings. (It doesn't clearly state whether you have to complete some quests/mission, or otherwise undergo something. But looking at the sentence, it's obvious that you can't do it from the start.)

- It won't make it possible to hit the person next to you right away.

RE: Missions

- Kingdom missions are now at one end. We hope to provide something different in the future, but we can't say what it'll be like.

- We're not thinking of any more Zilart missions, either.

- There will be expanded stories in some way using the stories with previous missions.

RE: Addition of NA Players

- Although the rate of server operation has been increased, it's not affecting the peak hour performance [negatively].

- We are delighted to see more "mixed" parties of JP and NA players than we expected, and happy to hear many good things about them.

- Lifting level cap beyond 75 isn't planned at this moment.

- We are currently working on the new player "enhancement factors" at the capped level [75]. This will probably be added first [to the next cap raising].

Ambitions for the year 2004

Mr. Matsui: "We'll review the 'balance' of each job against other jobs, as PvP will be added."

Mr. Kawamoto: "I want to add something that even players of Lv 30 or so can enjoy."

Mr. Higuchi: "Hoping to add the enjoyment factors after players reach their aimed goal of leveling."


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Dec 29, 2003
Monks should not attack all out from the beginning


MNK should NOT go with everything they got from the start.

Hmm wha ?


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Dec 23, 2003
Advice for the limit break 70 battle with Maat ^_^

Knew a lot of that already but thanks Jiggs.

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