New Review: Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer v2

Discussion in 'TechNation - Hardware, Software, Security' started by Bym, Nov 21, 2003.

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    i went and bought the standard Wireless mouse v2 (decided the explorer was a bit too high-end for what i wanted)

    i absolutely hate the mouse wheel! its a bane and a curse to mouse users throughout, even a slight nudge of the wheel by accident and you'll find yourself 3/4 up the page again where you were originally.

    at least with the "clicks" the original wheel was a bit more sturdier, flicking it now to go up a line has a feeling of "lightness" when doing it, and it doesnt feel like you have full control of the wheel at all when working on it. its also ultra-sensitive when being used, you not notice it? it gives a whole new breed of "twitch" gaming.

    good review anyhow :)
  3. Wilier

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    Congrats to Bym on her first reviewage. Makes for a good read imho.

  4. (Shovel)

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    Interesting about the scroll wheel. I used a standard MS optical mouse the other day and it suddenly hits home how much nicer the scroll wheels are on the traditional MS mice over the logitech ones - though Logi made up for that on the MX700 with additonal buttons. If MS have thrown away their one big advantage, and messed with the drivers too, I wonder what it will do for market share.

    And at the risk of this looking like a TN Writers back patting convention, it was an excellent review :)

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