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Discussion in 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Enemy Territory' started by KUJO, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    I'm getting a new puter this afternoon.

    What spec has everyone else got?
  2. Athlon Xp3000+, 2x256 2700 ddr (Dual channel Nforce 2 goodness), Radeon 9800 pro 128 meg, Nforce2 with the inbuilt 5.1 soundstorm. All wrapped up in a nice Shuttle XPC. Oh and Iiyama Visionmaster 1451, liteon 52x32x52 Cd-rw.
  3. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    What would you recommend?

    15" TFT monitor or

    17" CRT monitor
  4. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    Cool, Cheers!

    17 inches it is then!
  5. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    I have xp2600+ on AOpen 400 Max NForce2 mobo, with 512 ddr and a GF4 ti4400 video card.
    I don't use the onboard sound but Audigy 1 sound card I have.
    I have a LG Flatron 19 inch CRT monitor :)

    The memory is pc2100 , a hangover from my last system, Im getting 2 512 sticks of PC2700 soon, and hopefully replce the video card too. Id like to buy another NVidea, but I expect it will be a Radion 9700/9800 pro.
  6. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    Which in your opinion is better

    The GeForce cards or Radeon cards?

    the reason for all these questions is that I don't want to be left with a shite system after a couple of weeks!
  7. How much you spending on the GFX?
  8. Will

    Will Guest

    Throd...the RAM change wouldn't lead to a big speed increase, unless it was holding up your CPU FSB. I would spend the money elsewhere.
  9. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    About £100 - £150 quid.
  10. 9600 pro

    Or if you can find any a 9500 series (Dodgy naming but it is better then the 9600)
  11. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    Cool, I'll get them to whack one in then.

    Going to pick it up around half 5 so I'll be in the preview server once I've got my modem installed and games loaded on. I'll have to download ET again tho! Takes about an hour - even on broadband!
  12. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Well ,the existing ram is 266 fsb from my old mobo/cpu, so I thought the new stuff at 333mhz , to match current cpu, would improve things, particularly if I double the amount :)
    Id be interested to know your opinion though m8, as a new vid card is in the pipline too.
    Bear in mind too, that im going to try to build another pc out of all the old bits, so I'll need to get some more ram sooner or later anyway .
  13. Pakman

    Pakman Guest

    Well I've got a intel 2.53 p4 512meg mem and a GeForce4 MX420 (I know, I KNOW). Seems to do the job ok at the minute.
  14. Will

    Will Guest

    That's the only reason you should do it. You'll be lucky to get a 10% performance increase by improving the RAM speed. If its getting reused though, its not so much of a waste of money.
  15. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Right, so I might be better off getting a new vid card first. I wonder how much better a 9700pro is that a ti4400 though .
  16. KUJO

    KUJO Guest

    I get frame rates in the 100's now, rather than the 30's I got before. Yay \o/

    I got:

    Athlon XP3000+
    NForce 2 Mobo and sound
    512Mb 2700 DDR
    120gb Samsung HDD @ 7200 rpm
    256 mb DDR Geforce 4 FX5600
  17. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Will, just looked at those tests, the 9700 pro is streets ahead of a ti 4600 ! Omg :)
    i also notice that the tests done with a xp2700 result in a slightly higher speed than with a p4 3.06, so yar boo sucks etc to all them non athlon philistines :cool:

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