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Discussion in 'Midgard' started by preacherboy, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. preacherboy

    preacherboy Fledgling Freddie

    Any melle spec hunters going bow?
  2. Gustav

    Gustav One of Freddy's beloved

    Gonna try it. Got suit already for the new changes but to be honest all the new bow shots confuse me.
  3. preacherboy

    preacherboy Fledgling Freddie

    Yes hehe going to dig out my old bow spec template:) plenty of dex ftw
  4. preacherboy

    preacherboy Fledgling Freddie

    Think they should of give us life tap arrows with the moc?
  5. ethiedien

    ethiedien Fledgling Freddie

    yer i am, gnna go 50 bow, 39 spear , 38 stealth+12, rest bc cuz i dnt use the pet tbh and will be using shaman buffs + haste and af in rvr anyways

  6. Fanguir

    Fanguir Fledgling Freddie

    50 bow ftw
  7. Agrivia

    Agrivia Loyal Freddie

    I'm going something similar. Pre-patch I had only just reached level 50 and was 50 bow, 50 bc, 27 sword rest in stealth.

    Now I'm going to try 50 bow, 44 sword, 37 stealth, 13 pet ... I seem to have more points to spend, according to my charplan - shall have to wait and see.

    My main indecision at the moment is which champ weapon to choose. Prior to the patch I was going for the bow, no question about it, as I had 50 in bc and was definitely relying on my pet and acting mainly as a sniper; now I can't decide whether to go sword or bow. It seems most archers use Braggart's or Fool's Bows anyway, but although the two handed-sword looks pretty (yes - I'm a girl irl!) it doesn't seem to me to have as much going for it as the bow, and there are a lot of very nice alternative two-handed swords out there I could use. Any thoughts anyone??

    a.k.a Ceirwenne-p, Huntress of Aesir's Blade.
  8. preacherboy

    preacherboy Fledgling Freddie

    yes pritty much the spec me thinking of :) 50 bow 44 sword 32 stealth rest pet:) mos 5 ftw
  9. ethiedien

    ethiedien Fledgling Freddie

    i know that with sword youc an have 2h back style but with spear have got rear stun so 39 spear will save points i suppose

  10. ethiedien

    ethiedien Fledgling Freddie

    well when i was sword i used 2h champ wep and fools for seige lore etc but with new patch i'm thinking of getting spear of kings, aura of kings and using champ bow as seige lore will be scrapped off it, and the champ bow has more useful stats imo
  11. ethiedien

    ethiedien Fledgling Freddie

    and regarding a sword if you are going high swor dlower stealth then maybe a sword with stealth, dex cap, dex, procs, resists i'l see if ic an find 1
  12. Takhasis

    Takhasis Can't get enough of FH

    Just respec'd to 50 bow 44 spear and went out for a quick go...

    PvE - taking out frore liches in 2/3 shots is f*cking op - just ever so slightly...

    RvR - only had a quick go, but took out an inf in melee, then 5 mins later another inf in 4 arrows - rofl

    So, yes, quite nice so far, but missing the pet - qq
  13. Agrivia

    Agrivia Loyal Freddie

    Any help much appreciated :)

    Thanks to all for the advice
  14. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    yeah pls respec bow all and lose that pet! ^^
  15. Gustav

    Gustav One of Freddy's beloved

    hehehe no chance sunshine. High lvl pet>>>full bow imo

    Can still spec 41 spear/sword, 41 beast, 42 bow, 29 stealth for all round sexiness.
  16. Septima

    Septima Fledgling Freddie

    Keeping hybrid spec. 44 spear 42 bow 35 stealth 32 BC. Increasing bow or BC as i will gain rr's (that will be never the case i guess :p)

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