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Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by Old_Bean, May 20, 2003.

  1. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    Anyone want to join my Outfit?
    It'll be called "Limeys"
  2. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    I'm sorry that wasn't the answer I wanted :)

    The correct answer was...."Yes sir! Mung sir! I would love to join the esteemed Commander as he forms this new Outfit Sir!"
  3. Ok sorry .... :(

    Gl finding that answer :p
  4. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    Yeah got a feeling that'll be tough.
    What is it these days with the lack of bootlicking?
    Has it been replaced by ass-kissing and brown nosing?
    Or as one of my colleague calls it "Brown tongueing"
  5. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    Thats a good advertising slogan for your Outfit :)
  6. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Which empire is it going to be on?
  7. Re: Re: New outfit

    Hint; it's posted in the NC forums.
  8. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Doh! that'll teach me to do three things at the same time. lol

  9. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    The only rules for Limeys will be.

    Do what you like.
    Have fun doing what you like.

    Get experienced.
    Have fun gaining experience.

    Kill the enemy.
    Have fun killing the enemy.

    If there are any others from Limeys on-line, always get in a squad with them.
    Have fun chatting about all sorts of shit.

    Don't worry about sticking other outfit members into a squad, just get a full squad when possible.
    Have fun ridiculing other outfits but only on the outfit channel.(c' know we all do it.)

    TK'ing is acceptable if you want a bit of a laugh, but only within Limeys. Don't kill other outfit members. And only do it with the other persons permission. ie Duelling.
    Have fun getting grief points from duelling.

    Objectives will be clearly adhered too during combat. No pissing off to secure the next base without the rest of the squad.
    Have fun adhering to objectives.

    Swear all you like. Lets face it, kids who play games, swear all the fucking time anyway.
    Have fun swearing. I fucking well do.

    Erm, I think there are tournaments and stuff on a monthly basis, we'll debate taking part when we get going.
    Er, maybe have fun, maybe taking part in tournaments.

    The Squad leader is the one giving the instructions (not orders, 'cos I don't like following orders)
    Have fun not taking orders, but following instructions.

    If anyone pisses off the outfit too much, that character will be booted, no warnings, just booted.
    Have fun not pissing the outfit off.

    Propose other players for recruitment/poaching if you think they can benefit the squad.
    Enjoy filling our ranks with cannon fodder.

    Any other rules will be taken into consideration.

    So there you go, you get the general idea. This aint DAOC, so it's more relaxed, there'll be no draconian rules and regulations, just plain common decency and swearing.
  10. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    So far I've got 32 members.
    Most of the time we stand around coming up with imaginative swearwords.

    Words like Splatch, and Chunf. I also like the word Spafe featured in the Nissan Micra advert.

    If you can think of a new rude sounding word, you maybe the sort of person who should be in the Limeys.

    Come, join us, and revel in the art of creative swearing.
  11. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    Shuff is a good one, a mixture of shit and stuff, eg.

    Whats all this shuff?

  12. Old_Bean

    Old_Bean Guest

    By the way, I misplaced a decimal point when i said...

    It should have read .32 members.

    Sorry. Bit of a blusfut.

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