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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by killfest, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. killfest

    killfest Fledgling Freddie

    We have improved the beta client downloader based on your feedback. Now, if you download the client you will be able to set the upload and download speed to suit your connection. This will make the download significantly faster for many of you. If you don't already have the client for the open beta then go here to get it.

    Many of you may be wondering what to do with your open beta key also. Before the servers open on Sunday we will open the validation page and you will be able to complete your preparations for the start of the open beta. We will of course post an update to let you know the moment the page is available.

    man those F5 keys people!!!
  2. Draylor

    Draylor Part of the furniture

    If folks have a problem downloading from either that torrent or the FH version another option may be Fileplay | Browse WAR European Open Beta

    Prob requires you to register there, but they have direct download links rather than messing with torrent stuff.

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