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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by [JKoN]KOSH, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. [JKoN]KOSH

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    new leaugues

    hi all

    bit previous this one seeing the league isnt over yet :) , but im planing to re-do the leauge setup for eg :a new set off rules , why new rules u say well some people have been taking advantage of the current rules and have been making noghis life hell with them therefore ill adapt them, this is just 1 of the changes im planning , feel free to post suggestions, ill look at them ignore them ;) and make my own up anyway hehe
  2. [JKoN]KOSH

    [JKoN]KOSH Guest

    alright looks like ill have to reply to my own post

    ideas so far

    low force, no pickups, rounds 15 mins, zero frag limit

    maybe 3 Vs 3 instead of 2 Vs 2

    all players must supply full contact details, email, irc, msn, the works, i dont want a repeat of the screw up of last time with ppl saying they never knew and cant get in contact with subs, therefore full details, AND ill implement my Duels Day spam email system :D for those that dont play in Duels Day that means you'll get several emails a week concerning your matchs. I will completly revise the scoreing system along with the new rules, and get custom maps on the servers :p

    NB : due to the recent upsurge in kick scripts kick will be set to zero , however i will set it up so there still a kickback.
  3. Aeron

    Aeron Guest

    Why not do a " Fly kick 1 move wonder " event as that's all that happens,15 mins of who can wheel mouse up/down/script the fastest kicks out :kissit:

    Seriously now...good idea 3v3 sounds more fun,any custom maps make sure you pimp0r the links for Download :great:

    I'm in providing there's enough intrest from others,last event was a right balls up due to people pulling out left right and center due to social security issues :flame: j/k

    Don't mind who i get teamed with as long as notice is given i'll be there.:clap: :puke:
  4. [JKoN]KOSH

    [JKoN]KOSH Guest

    wooooo the responce has been so intense, so many replys ;) looks like i get to do it all my way MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. Aeron

    Aeron Guest

    :sleeping: GRAVEYARD SHIFT :sleeping:
  6. [JKoN]KOSH

    [JKoN]KOSH Guest

    ok ive decided............

    basic format as follows

    each team is 3 Vs 3 with a min of 2 subs, all team members MUST supply contact details ie : emails , irc and or msn

    each round will be 15 mins long over 3 rounds all 3 rounds WILL be played

    this leauge will be low force, zero kick(see previous post), no pickups, and FF will be on

    this we will play on custom maps ill post info on these maps at a later time


    this is a league format and u win with points NOT frags, frags will only come into play if there is a tie

    Win 3 points
    Draw 1 point
    Loss 0 point

    default win = 1 point and 20 frags

    there will be NO WILDCARDS ( new rules to be posted soon) or in other words if you miss your match thats it , no ill cya for my match on friday no nothing , just a default win to the other team
  7. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest


    heres what i think

    To many rules and you screw the fun.

    wildcards out = Lazy admins
    you lot just don't want to rearange matches, what about when a clan says we can't play on that day a week in advance? or play before a set time of day. maybe if all the clans could get there match on the day n time there avalible all the time you wouldn't need wildcards. but life is such where thats just impossable due to the size of Jk2 clans atm, even more so with

    Low force, well yeh you could do but this is TFFA.

    no pickups, ok it will give the players more reason to jump in blindly and swing as much as possable before dying but whats the point behind that? theres no skill in it and i know a lot of clans in the past who didn't use the pickups complained to the admins about not beeing able to kill the opponents due to them healing and collecting shields, people who complain about players who use all the resorces are just poor losers.

    3v3 ??? whys that i mean are there no clans with more then 3 people in it?
    try 5v5 or more if possable. with it seems to attract the Novice clans that consist of some one who just bought a PC and the game found some mates online who are just a n00b as they are and make a small clan or band-o-people. just make a name up n call yourself a clan why don't you.

    Kid in clan "hey can i sign my clan up"
    Admin "whos in your clan?"
    Kid in clan "ahh Me... my cat... oh and my friend ted."
    Admin "ted???"
    Kid in clan"yeh he is my teddy but he can play jk2 better then me still"

    do you make rules for these people?

    me :puke: out the words tbh.

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