New Lappy needed....but which??

Discussion in 'TechNation - Hardware, Software, Security' started by charl8tan, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. charl8tan

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    Hopefully there's still enough people looking around on here that this will get noticed.

    I'm looking to buy me a nice candy laptop, dont' really give a rats arse about the price as long as it's worth the money, gotta love those bonuses :).

    So far the only places that I've found that meet the powa standards are Alienware and PC Torque. Obviously in both cases the best model with all the trimmings :eek:.

    Anyone else got any good ideas, preferably in Europe, and basically it's gotta be a beast. Not too keen on the Alienware as it is fookin expensive for what it is. What's putting me off the Sager from PC Torque is that it's in the states and the customs people here in Austria are a bunch of cnuts....
  2. Well the obvious...


    And you will find that many major Laptop brands, may not sell direct over the net but will have dealers all around the place.


    Well worth a look if price isn't such an awful issue.

    If i remember anymore, i will post them here :p
  3. adams901

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  4. charl8tan

    charl8tan Guest

    Hmmmm......problem is I really need this lappy to be a beast. Basically it's replacing my desktop system for the time being, so a 3.2 P4 is the order of the day.....1 or 2 gb of ram as well. Not too concerned about the size of the HD as I've got access to a TB or 3 of storage space, I reckon all I need on this is bout 60 @ 7200.

    Have found another place called overam that looks quite nice. They have a sales office in France which appeals to me, being in Austria I really don't trust those customs guys. Thinking maybe the 8800 is a suitable system, with a few customisations of course.

    Gonna be doing a lot of programming as well as gaming on this system, so I want the beef for both reasons.

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