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Discussion in 'Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2' started by throdgrain, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    I see we have a public server up, and omg last night there was quite a few people in it :)
    One thing though, could whoever admins it please change it to bullets only ?
    All them rocket launchers and grenade launchers are rarely used nowadays, and just add up to spam tbh :)
  2. The-Don

    The-Don Guest

    /me runs off to fix
  3. natrat

    natrat Guest

    [16:08] <The-Don> Disable Pickup Weapon MM-1 set to 1
    [16:08] <The-Don> Disable Pickup Weapon RPG-7 set to 1
    [16:09] <The-Don> Disable Pickup Weapon USAS-12 set to 1

    All done :)
  4. The-Don

    The-Don Guest

    /me gets the cookies out

    ta Nat :)
  5. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Rock and Roll :)
  6. _EZ_

    _EZ_ Guest


    Plzz Mr o great admin, put on PunkBuster ;)

    Great server i like my ping of 2 i get lol

  7. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Alos ,can you add some more maps ? This seems to be the most popular serveratm, it would be a shame if people got bored and buggered off.
    How about the gold maps ?
  8. natrat

    natrat Guest

    Speak to the-don, i make the changes he decides after filtering your requests :)
  9. throdgrain

    throdgrain Guest

    Cheers Nat, I was kind of adressing that post to him :)
    You must admit, I get about m8 !
  10. rlaw

    rlaw Guest

    There is a player who constantly goes on the server, his name is -=Bam=- and is causing much displeasure playing on the server for more or less every player.

    Everytime he plays more or less every player complains about him as he constantly sends binded messages one after the other hundreds of times lagging everyone, there has also been much rumour that he is cheating and was wondering why punkbuster is not activated.

    I would really like an admin to come to the server when bam is playing to see what he does and to ban him if necessary, you can even ask over players who play on the server if they want bam to be banned and i gurantee that they will say yes.
  11. natrat

    natrat Guest

    pb is now on, i'll ask the admins to keep an eye out.
  12. rlaw

    rlaw Guest

    -=[bam]=- i don't know if there is anyone looking at this at the current mo but when posting bam is on the sof2 ctf public server doing his normal thing.
  13. The-Don

    The-Don Guest

    I will notify my admins and ask them to keep an eye on it. As I said earlier we will try and remove trouble makers if you notify us as it happens, unfortunately from time to time we will not be at our keyboards.
  14. NightH@wk|

    NightH@wk| Guest

    Ok pb is now enabled anyone having problems connecting will have to update there pb files

    i will be visiting the server on a regular basis so if i see bam doing these things will take the action that is needed
  15. natrat

    natrat Guest

    In theory the server should autoupdate you but its not working as described, we're looking into fixing it. In the mean time get the autoupdater exe from the site fatgit mentions above.
  16. Ignition

    Ignition Guest

    No server seems to be able to update a fresh installation of SoF2 v1.3 to the latest version of the Punkbuster software (1.041). I visited 3 different servers, none of them could update me from the baseline installation and all kicked me for not having up to date software.

    If this happens please visit and download the files manually from there, once done all good :)
  17. natrat

    natrat Guest

    We're still looking for a solution :) It's to do with the way pb doesn't copy ther htm files (which are used for updating) to non standard homepath dirs.

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