New Beta invites in Europe!

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by IainC, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    This afternoon we just invited about 4000 more fans to the European beta of WAR. Mostly these were veteran newsletter subscribers and competition winners although not all were. So check those inboxes now to see if you need to cancel your plans for the weekend!

    To forestall the inevitable question about guild invites. Those are going out when we and Mythic are ready to include them. As soon as that time comes we'll post it up and let you all know about it. For now though we're still in the individual beta invite stage.

    I'll be seeing all you lucky testers in the Old World!
  2. megadave

    megadave I am a FH squatter

    bastards :(
  3. Ogrelin Blodig

    Ogrelin Blodig One of Freddy's beloved

    No luck for me ither....crap! :eek7:
  4. Outtamind

    Outtamind Fledgling Freddie

    I`ve registered via got an e-mail back saying i`d been accepted and told i`d recieve an e-mail with a link to download but as yet i`ve had no follow up e-mail??
  5. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    I second that! ;)
  6. kivik

    kivik Part of the furniture

    Is there a 18 years age restriction on these too? Why do you have that?
  7. Roffe

    Roffe Fledgling Freddie

    nothing in my inbox :mad:
  8. Aeiedil

    Aeiedil Fledgling Freddie

    Most likely due to contract law etc, at least in the UK if you are under 18 you can't sign your life away and as such the NDA would be null and void unless signed by a parent or guardian :) And guessing GOA/Mythic wouldn't want some under-18-year-old spilling the beans and going nyah nyah all over their NDA :)
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  9. Rhoma

    Rhoma Loyal Freddie

    I got it ;)

    PS: i hope c u there soon
  10. Aesgir

    Aesgir Loyal Freddie

    Nada here too :(
  11. Hiolo

    Hiolo One of Freddy's beloved

    Nothing here :mad:
  12. xxManiacxx

    xxManiacxx Can't get enough of FH

    Only bad thing is that ppl that have been sent in through guild lists could get an invite through induvidual invite and thus the guild loses a spot on their list.
  13. kivik

    kivik Part of the furniture

    Explains it, thanks :) Will see you in retails I guess!
  14. MesS°

    MesS° Can't get enough of FH

    HB got a guild invite 9th of august. 2 got in right away, the rest of us have been waiting all most a month now. :m00:

    Very annoying.
  15. crispy

    crispy Can't get enough of FH

    I dont think you sent the mails to the right persons - better mail another 4k persons just to be sure :D
  16. SkarIronfist

    SkarIronfist Fledgling Freddie

    No joy on the 4K invites here.

    But waiting for either guild or competition win invites to be initiated.

    Druming fingers on desk as we speak.
  17. tazzbe

    tazzbe Fledgling Freddie

    Can only hope they don't forget GoL for want people on the server huh :p
  18. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    Joining the horde of "empty inbox" :(
  19. Dakkath

    Dakkath Can't get enough of FH

    Also a member of the unloved with an empty mailbox...
  20. Hiolo

    Hiolo One of Freddy's beloved

    Anyone know if there will be a open beta?
  21. xxManiacxx

    xxManiacxx Can't get enough of FH

    probably not
  22. Dreamor

    Dreamor Can't get enough of FH

    *cry* nothing here either :(
  23. FlyingDaggers

    FlyingDaggers Fledgling Freddie


    Do us competion winners get in beta with this wave? :worthy:

    Really hope so cause my mailbox was empty this round again :(
  24. GHudston

    GHudston Fledgling Freddie

    Could this mean the freddyshouse winners will be getting in soon?! *gasp*
  25. AngelHeal

    AngelHeal Part of the furniture

    empty, is this coz im also in the guild invite grp?
  26. Popov

    Popov Fledgling Freddie

    Being on a guild list waiting for the guild beta invites does not hurt nor help your chances of getting a "random" invite, the two are completely seperate. I have definitely heard of people on guild lists getting invited.
  27. Cadiva

    Cadiva Part of the furniture

    There isn't going to be an - anyone can download the client from Fileplanet and give it a go - open beta but they have said they will lift the NDA and invite lots and lots of people shortly before release.
  28. Malcolm

    Malcolm Can't get enough of FH

    thankfully i should be getting in via the guild beta as i've no chance of being picked as a veteran subscriber to the newsletter as i fell foul of a "hurriedly filling in the beta application form at work without any colleagues noticing he's on a non-work website and not realising that the language option defaulted to french and therefore not clicking on the confirmation link in the resulting email because he mistook the word 'terminer' near the link for its closest english lookalike 'to terminate' instead of 'to determine'" situation (despite doing french at A'level - albeit 18 years ago) and realised that this was the case too late for the initial beta invites

    *runs out of breath*
  29. ferore

    ferore Fledgling Freddie

    Why the delay over the guild beta invites?

    I've given my details to get into the guild beta and they're delaying them. Just when will you be ready for guild invites?

    Feels like a big con. :flame:
  30. Popov

    Popov Fledgling Freddie

    I don't think there is any delay over guild invites and as someone also waiting to get into beta this way I share your frustration but it can't be described as a "con".

    I speculate that the guild invites are there for when the living guild system is ready to be put into beta. Obviously when inviting single players randomely there is no compulsion for them to quickly form guilds as they are basically solo and probably know few if anyone in the beta. Inviting groups of players all from a previous guild pretty much guarantees these groups will quickly form a guild within the beta hence facilitating living guild beta testing.

    Sadly I have nothing to base a guess on when this could be so until then I will wait [im]patiently for whenever a beta invite comes my way.

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