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Netscape alt text

Discussion in 'WebDev' started by Maljonic, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Maljonic

    Maljonic Guest

    Hope this isn't too stupid a question but, does anyone know how to get the alt text on images to be viewable in Netscape? I can see it by right clicking and looking at properties but there must be a way to get it to just pop up like it does with IE, mustn't there?
  2. (Shovel)

    (Shovel) Guest

    Easy one:

    "Alt" text isn't /supposed/ to be displayed at all. It's supposed to be displayed if the image isn't loaded (e.g. text only browser or failure to load the image).

    Microsoft cocked it up when they decided to use Alt for tooltips instead. The new Netscapes and Mozillas have stuck with the standard, which is as follows:

    To display tooltip text, you should instead use the "title" attribute. This will display as a tool tip in both IE and in Mozilla/Netscape. You can use the Alt text for a proper description of the image, as it was designed ;)
    While we're on the subject, there is also an attribute called "description", support for which I currently don't know much about, but this is designed so that you can link to an external file (a text file for instance) that contains an detailed description of the image. It'll be used by text readers and text-only browsers. Some of the web accessibility testers like you to use them, but it's quite a lot of effort to produce detailed descriptions of every image on the site, so I've not done it as yet.

    Anyway, that should fix you up :)
  3. Maljonic

    Maljonic Guest

    That's brilliant, I've learnt something new, cheers :)

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