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Fledgling Freddie
Feb 24, 2004
Hi all.

I am tired. I am very very tired. I've been trying to get an issue resolved with tech support and I've been going in circles with their autoresponse mailing system for months. I want to speak to someone... a human voice, so that I can get a resolution. Does anyone know a contact number for ANYONE in the company?

Basically, in November my spouse had her hotmail account hacked. In the hotmail account was the new subscription password and game password. We have a no idea how this has happened, but at the end of the day, it has. The password for the hotmail account has been changed and so has the passwords for the DAoC subscription and game. We've now gone and cancelled all her credit cards etc, but DAoC is paid up for a year and we'd like to get access to it again. Hotmail support isnt helping and virtually every detail of the account is now changed and the fact that it was setup more than 5 years ago before the 'Passport' system was introduced isnt helping either.

Now currently the 'automated' responses from GOA have been that they've sent the password to the original email address (which we dont have access to) and that they've now also sent it to the registered postal address (which has been changed and points to an address that does even EXIST in the UK). I am frustrated... I am tired. It takes GOA 2 weeks to reply everytime I email them and I just want to speak to someone there who is actually interested and get it resolved. :(

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