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Dec 26, 2003
Well i didnt expect a reply from mr back biting, shit talking, over grown ego. Just to make it clear though i have left two guilds becuz of your personality or lack of it i should say.

I have no doubt that you are a skillfull player but i have to say this doesnt take away from the fact that you are one of the biggest shit ***** i have had the misfortune of seeing in this game who does nothing but bitch, whine and moan the moment you start to lose.

The only thing i can remember from USA servers and you was you getting power leveled by both me and guinessa while you were playing on your shitty laptop that kept crashing.

Those Pl sessions were always open to people in guild and numerious times there were people in the group that had just leech spots, like yourself that werent bringing anything else to the group, but that i suppose constitutes, in your twisted little mind as using and abusing a guild.

We started another guild on there cuz it was agreed that we couldnt be bothered to deal with some of the huge ego's that we were guilded with, yours been top of the list.

If that is abuse of guild then yes i hold my hand up to it, i dont like shit talking and backbiting which is your specialist subject. I remeber when you left CF before to join up with LA and all the people in CF were, in your book *****, then when u left LA Heste and everyone in it were ***** and so it continues.

Anyway as i think anyone who has run with me in DaoC will testify i dont like shit talking and certainly dont take myself to seriously unlike some people and i would like to think that i have my ego under control unlike some people.

The proof is there to see in the above posters.

Sorry for the long winded rant but i dont appreciate some dickhead trying to talk shit about me.

but prod got right tho i am a ***** :D and tjalle would also call me a prick :D just ask him! but tierk i <3 u big time!!!! lets make babies! tho i dident know prod called me a ****


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Nov 7, 2004
tierk is 100% quality m8

prod calling people ego maniacs? i seem to remember you being an absolute tit along with vulcan whilst in CF-US

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