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Discussion in 'Hibernia' started by Nakia, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Nakia

    Nakia Fledgling Freddie

    Hi all,

    Since i have been trying to get a Jacinas sash for 25p which seems impossible these days but whatever.

    Tho three persons was so kind to come help me if i did a preclaimed raid; Frozodo, Gear and sphir <--thanks, so kind of you, this isnt my style tho, so i decided not todo a preclaimed raid, instead i will now offer ALL hibs a helping hand with the arties they can't get.

    What i need is for you to write the arties, you want me to include in the "arti hunt", before this weekend i will look into the post, see what arties people need - i will prepare myself for the encounters we need todo; and i will give you a date for the Arti hunt!! :)

    if you do not need anything, come for a day of fun and help out the realm!!!

    The List so Far;
    Erinys Charm
    Jacinas Sash

    Now gimme more to work with!! :)
  2. Frozodo

    Frozodo Fledgling Freddie

    I just wonder m8 what does it take to take Eirene's Hauberk cos i would weally love to get it on me hero :D
  3. Chrstffr

    Chrstffr Fledgling Freddie

    ill bring an animist for sash
  4. Alan

    Alan Fledgling Freddie

    Still need BoZ on Leathan, but count me in with my animist, aslong as its a free day in the guild calendar ill be there no matter what we do :)

    Bubble used to run an arti raid each weekend that included Leviathan as these drops are in some peoples template. Ill dig out the info and post it on our forums, may be of help.
  5. Enli

    Enli Fledgling Freddie

    a lot of priest farming, every time u get a full set u can get a half key
    then u can fight linos for it, doesnt drop always so u'll have to try a few times
    some people have done it loads of times w/o drop, i had it on the 3-4th time

    linos himself is slightly easier then CB-mobs but tends to block loads, ofc that aint a prob with an ani
  6. sphir

    sphir Fledgling Freddie

    could use sash/charm/erinys haub/

    can join with

    animist(needs charm)
    chanter(needs sash)
    champ(needs erinys)
  7. Vodkafairy

    Vodkafairy Fledgling Freddie

  8. Taxii

    Taxii One of Freddy's beloved

    I need both on my Ani :>
  9. Argyle_Avendale

    Argyle_Avendale Fledgling Freddie

    Believe you mean Eirenes? xD

    Anyway, I can join with either druid or ani. Need both Sash and Erinys.
  10. Gear

    Gear Can't get enough of FH

    I don't need anything, I can bring defo 1, maybe 2 anis. I'd be able to come on Wednesday and Friday on a convenient time. Set a day and make a sign-up post.
  11. sphir

    sphir Fledgling Freddie

    oops, yes :D
  12. Frozodo

    Frozodo Fledgling Freddie

    so i guess duable with 2animist /1hero /1 fopper? :D ( 1 ani got ml9 pet:p )
  13. odon

    odon Fledgling Freddie

    Hey all.

    Saw this post and thought I would just say hello...

    Might get my 2 accounts active again sometime to see what is happening.

    Would be nice to do some rvring with Karldin sometime..

    As for arti's - who know what my characters need, I need a new PC though..

  14. Spetsnaz

    Spetsnaz Fledgling Freddie

    a bit off topic but my personal opinion about Eirens Hauberk

    once i was dying to get it... i did the encouter more then 20 times before it droped for me
    now i using GoV on my warden because Eirenes stats suck big time for any class exept hero and druid probably (hero gets +5 str cap and drood gets +5healing bonus and +5 buff bonus) the only 2 good thing about this item are:
    1) the look of it!!! (yey)
    2) the use that gives 50% aborb to all melee for 15sec and than same penalty (good to avoid massive dmg)
    3) (i know only 2 good things but...) lvl 10 proc ...!!! almost never i saw it going exept when guards hitting me when i sui...(a few times) and u need to be hit in melee in order it to go up for 10 seconds and abosrb any magic dmg (it would be better if it proced from magic dmg for example or had bigger timer like 1 min or so but it stupid as it is anyway)
    champ version gives +5intel cap and 15 intel (omg roxor!!!) as well as some to boost to dmg but still...
    i would swap to Hero verion if only i could get it i would still be using it

    ps. Ucan easily do it with 5 ppl btw just get a 2 tanks bard and warden + drood with fop (Linos is something like champion DD,Debuffz and s/s spec so ull need pbt,end regen and healing)

    just my 0.02$

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