Need a decent sb sz spec

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Ferengi, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Ferengi

    Ferengi Fledgling Freddie

    Ello I would be verey thankfull if anyone could throw me a good sb sz spec for a lvl 50 sb
  2. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned

    This is good spec for SB

    Stealth 36
    Axe or sword 41
    Crit 34
    Left Axe 44
    Venom 20

  3. Inso

    Inso One of Freddy's beloved

    Not a SZ spec tho :)

    I'd go 44 LA, 50 Axe, 10 CS, 35 Stealth, 24 envenom and adding more envenom if you have any AT pts or conversion error.
  4. Muh

    Muh Fledgling Freddie

    First of all, best str/con debuff _is_ worth it, and I would rather
    sacrifice some LA to get it, and rather pump LA with an extra level
    of DR. As a SZ you will probably want to use havoc - tyr's fury
    as "anytime", which can be a bitch at times.

    The poster above cays 10 cs, which imo is waste, since the only thing you achive is a 2 sec stun on bs2. bs1 with 1 sec stun at 2 cs is just as good
    for bubblebreak. bs is only usable on casters anyway, since bs'ing anything
    else is like handing out free stun imunity for a potential frosty gaze.

    I would spec :
    50 axe, 4x LA, 2 cs, 3x/3x stealth/env.. All depending on which RR you spec
    for 50 stealth/env at.

    I've tried this spec, and the melee dmg were nice, I did however miss PA chain alot. My experience from trying virtually every sb spec, is that
    envenom is _very_ important, and that you should have alot of backup axes
    in backpack, and use them alot.. If you take advantage of the full potential
    in envenom, by using alch poisons with attackspeed debuff, endurance penalty, use like 2-3 lifebanes every fight etc, it _will_ make a huge differnce
    on your performance. As a sb we get outdmg by far by other assasins, so
    we have to use what we can..
  5. Jaem-

    Jaem- Can't get enough of FH

    give 2.5x so I can have more env :<
  6. xenia-

    xenia- Fledgling Freddie


    - Agree with Muh, i recently specced away from last tier poisons and i kinda miss them, sure, reapplying is a way of dealing with the increased resistrates, but you are still missing out on some damage, even if your mark purges str/con debuff they dont get those hp's back.

    Furthermore, with current resists on slash, ra's like ap, cleric spec af buff etc, the poisondamage ways in a bit heavier, not to mention the utility - last disease/snare is excellent for kiting as it lasts 3 mins, and with both those applied your mark is hardly moving. Dont expect to use the magic poisons Muh mentions unless you have a LGM alch, a farmbot, or a lot of P's - but yea, they are mean :)

    I am currently sz specced, and yes dmg is nice, but 50 weapspec is somewhat negated by buffs, and anything above ~58 effective weapspec has less return than 1 extra point put in LA (at 51 effective each point gives 0.9%, at 52 0.8% etc. and 1 LA train gives back 0.5% plus added offhand dmg)

    Dualist reflexes adds 1.5% to each hand for every level you train it, so its not equivalent to putting 6 points in LA, but very valuable nonetheless, i only have DR2 atm, but still plan on taking it higher.

    I suggest you consider at least 34 cs for pa/cd, you will miss it otherwise, furthermore the to-hit bonus and growthrates are insane on cs styles, at 21 cs (50 weap) garrote does almost the same as a doublefrost. 50 axe is much better than 50 sword i guess, Havoc -> Tyr's fury has a very nice growthrate, but they are front positionals and a skilled player will be a challenge, I dont like the idea of backing up a positional with a reactive, so an option would be to backup Havoc with Glacial movement (side pos, attackspeed debuff) for a greater arc, but then you're missing out on evadestyle, which is really stupid on an evade7 class ;). Another style dilemma is that Garrote/AH combo has a defensive penalty, some call it neglible but it does give your mark higher chance to hit you, which indeed can hurt, on the other hand the combo leaves mark snared/attackspeed debuffed.

    If you are unsure what role you want, try Bile's spec (35 st 39 weap/cs/la 2x env) can't go wrong with that, lower cs/weap and go higher env if you have a buffbot (5-spec) (at least 32-33 env for rr5, otherwise dont) you shouldnt go lower in la than 39, frosty gaze stun is really nice on IP classes, its hard to land on other rogues/shield tanks as it is 2nd in chain, but still (great in pve too). If you wanna be a stealther-chaser only, sz is probably the best, try something like 43 weap 35 st 35 env 46 la 10 cs (bs2), i like bs2 as it will allow you to land Snowsquall and then Icy brilliance (high dmg/low end/bleed) before target looses the stun (which bs1 at 2 cs wont unless you're hasted in some way - it will be close anyways and cost only 54 points - sure thats 1 higher weapskill or la, maybe stealth at lowr rr, but that is neglible imo) but Muh is very right about not using it on anything but casters or when kiting. Caeli's suggestion will probably give best melee dmg, but 50 weapspec is expensive, so that will leave you with less env, which as mentioned gives higher resists etc, but you wont be gimp. Last option is to drop envenom altogether and do something like 35 st 43 weap 35-37 cs 44-46 la - if you plan on grouping with other stealthers constantly, or dont like the idea of constantly reapplying poisons this could be an idea, but you will be left with less utility (you will hit hard tho, but nothing compared to pure melee specced infs :x)

    Other than that, macro /release - chances are you'll need it ;)

    just my .5 c


    EDIT: oh yea, specs assume rr5, 35 stealth at rr1 will gimp you like hell, maybe 36-37 at first, at least 49 effective for rr3,4 or you'll get wtfpwnd the minute you step outside mpk or try to get in a keep :)
  7. Ferengi

    Ferengi Fledgling Freddie

    Thx alot for quick/good answers m8s :clap:
  8. xenia-

    xenia- Fledgling Freddie


    Forgot to list my own spec atm:

    36 stealth, 50 sword, 40 la, 21 cs (pa) 24 env (rr4)

    The reason for this is that i wanted to see what dmg pa at 21 cs/50 weap would do, and it varies between 250-400 depending on target (buffed) with 1h bastardsword 99%. Kinda strange spec i know, but still in epic/crap gear so doesn't matter too much, I will spec away from it again however, miss cd stun :) I will also move from sword to axe as sword lacks good styles apart from lvl50 one. I have 35 extra points from conversion error (played Xenia from release, had almost 1½ years break tho, hence rr4 - which was huge when i quit :)) I plan on this rr5 spec: 35 stealth, 38 axe, 39 la, 34 cs, 32 env - the sad part is that it needs a buffbot to compete :)

    - Which brings me to the SC part, any LGM SC'ers open for business? :)

    EDIT: givf EU equivalent to Pendragon pls!
  9. Aenir

    Aenir Fledgling Freddie

    I have ( only rr2 ) effective stealth of 47 and no problems at all with rr3-4-5 assassins seeing me way before I see them...

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