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  1. fortunefish

    fortunefish Banned


    Ive heard somewhere the summoning suits are the way to go for farming with.

    Dose anyone know anything about them or any templates and a rough guide the cost and artis needed :)

    kind regards

  2. Void959

    Void959 Fledgling Freddie

    First you have to realise that to be an uber-farming necro you have to be servant spec with a 48+ enchance BB. If you intend to do it unobotted then servant is utterly gimp, and sight, though still great does not come close.

    I wouln't recommend using any artifacts at all, as servant necro armour degrades VERY quickly (what would you expect when being hit by 8 reds at once :) ). As for stats, what you use on the summonning suit is simply +con and +hits, these are static stats - they remain with your pet until it is released/killed. I believe +hits cap and +con cap are also static though I am not sure.

    On the main suit use +dex, +dex cap, +int, +int cap, and resists. There is a small argument for using +quickness but most people would agree its not worth the template space. Strength is also useless, as its not your servants melee attacks which are going to do the damage. As for resists, cap all physical resists first - slash, thrust, crush, work on others if you wish but they will not be nearly as useful, unless you wish to play RvR with ur servant necro (ROFL). I don't have a servant necro myself so I don't know exactly how fast the armour degrades, but I've heard it can drop to 0con in a matter of hours if played correctly :D so personally I wouldn't even bother with 99% armour, let alone overcharging - you can still farm cash 10 times as fast as any other class, so why bother waiting ages for a tailor/scer on a regular basis?
  3. fortunefish

    fortunefish Banned

    very helpful lol

    didnt know it degraded that damn fast...

    think im gonna stick with my sight necro then, can still take 15 wights buffed with him and lvl 18 dmg shield :)

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