MP Arc Weighted Bearded Axe and MP Arc Thrust Claw


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 2, 2004
MP's in stock currently are:

Arc Weighted Bearded Axe dps 16.5 2.3plat
Arc Heavy Bladed Claw Greave 3.7spd thrust 16.5 dps 2plat.

As well as a good range of most 16.5dps weapons at 99%:
Haxe 80g; Bastard Sword 350g; Dwarv short Sword, Spiked Hammer, Cleaver, WBA all 400g; Great Spiked Hammer, Dwarv Great Sword, War Cleaver, Battle Spear all 450g; small shield 35g, medium shield 45g, large shield 55g.

I'll be keeping the 99% as fully stocked as I can in these weapons so you can be pretty sure of getting them at:

House 1756, Malhamdale, Erikstaad (from entrance take horse Jorund-Halbera, jump when you get the message you've left Birkwith and run up the hill).

There's some Highest Level Studded and Chain armour for sale as well.

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