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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by Grimmy, Mar 6, 2001.

  1. Grimmy

    Grimmy Guest

    Another post in less than two weeks, who would have though it eh? :)

    Just to give you some more information on what will be required when you sign up. Firstly you will need to register your team/clan with BarrysWorld, this can be done here you will need an account to do this of course. When signing up the BW database will be queried and if your clan name you use isn't found you won't be able to signup.

    Secondly all the players you wish to play in the league will need to be registered with the BW membership system. It may appear a bit of an arse ache to do this at first, but it will make things a lot easier in the long run. No exceptions will be made to either of these points, it only takes a few minutes to do anyway.

    There is plenty of time for your team/clan to be created on the BW Team List before signup starts. Players won't need to signup until after you have been accepted, but there is no harm in them doing it anyway.

    That covers it basically, any questions please post them here rather than emailing please.
  2. old.Chi3f

    old.Chi3f Guest

    Got an approximate date?

    Do u have an approximate date for the sign up?

  3. Will the league format be similar to ClanBase where people make up their own times or will it be played on the BW servers at set times with admin provided?
  4. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    previously it was set times...
  5. Grimmy

    Grimmy Guest

    a) Approx date to start of signup is 1 to 2 weeks from now

    b) Dates/Times for matches will be fixed and run on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    c) /me licks Meatballs
  6. I realise that things might not be settled yet but do you have any idea of what times games are likely to take place? I would assume 8 and 9pm are the most likely.

    Also will the registration be open to everyone from the beginning or will better known clans be given first refusal?
  7. Grimmy

    Grimmy Guest

    The plan is to run 4 time slots a night, with 4 games per slot.

    For example:

    7:10 - 4 Games
    8:05 - 4 Games
    9:00 - 4 Games
    9:55 - 4 Games
    10:40 - end of last games

    please note this is only a rough outline atm, it all depends on how many admins I can get etc. I'm always open to suggestions if anyone has any...
  8. Will it be possible for teams to specify the times that they can Play?
  9. old.gunja99

    old.gunja99 Guest

    Looking forward to it

    As a new clan, The Cleaners (, are really looking forward to the Barrysworld Leagues (hopefully we'll get in!) After some good friendly results, and practicing we're ready to see what the rest of the world can do!

    Nice to see that BW are still here, and we can keep our clan server! YEAH!
  10. Grimmy

    Grimmy Guest

    Clan will not be able to specify when they will play, but I'll be as flexible as I can if a clan has trouble getting a full team together and I have plenty of advance warning.

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