ML5 BG-steps 2005-08-27 -=After Levi. raid


Loyal Freddie
Apr 4, 2004
ML5 BG steps 5.9 and 5.10

Meet: Stygian Haven.
Time: After Levi raid...
BG on: Yoohl
PRE.REQ ML1 and ML5.1-8
No I don't wan't any trouble with the .9 step so do .1-.8 befor raid, on this raid I'll say tough luck if you could not use boat.

All and any afk peps who die by the doc due to /stick, well tough luck, I don't have my BB with EoY with me this time.

5.1 Intestines - blows up crocodile summoning OR anubis
5.2 Stomach - blows up crocodile summoning OR anubis
5.3 Lungs - Judgement correction (stops AE root/DD)
5.4 Liver - 100% heal
5.5 Crocs outside cave, SumSM-focus pull, normal mele/nuke.
5.6-5.8 .6-Resin .7-Mask .8-Wrap

5.10 Kill main mob with Slash/Crush/Thrust-dmg , .1-.4 items. adds 2xdmg from magic Sun/Moon/LGW also nuke adds.

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