ML4 BG Raid - Sunday 9th October 15:30GMT/16:30CET


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Aug 25, 2004
Master Level 4 BG Raid.

Steps that will not be done on the raid are as follows:

4.1 - Colossal (Group step and easy)
4.3 - Eye of Ra, Roar (Time Consuming, difficult to find)
4.4 - Nomads (Soloable)

Raid Schedule

Meeting in Stygia Haven at 15:30GMT/16:30CET and moving out as quickly as possible (as soon as numbers are sufficient). BG will be on Poppaea.

Additional Notes

Standard Zedenk Raid lotto rules apply, everything except low quality rogs will be lotto'd at the end, no rolling restrictions apply.

All welcome, see you there!

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