ML2 Raid Wednesday 3rd March 7pm gmt!


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 18, 2004
Meet at Stygia Haven on Wednesday 3rd of March for a 7pm gmt departure.

Due to expected numbers being high, after Last Saturdays mammoth raid. The Following Steps must be completed first. And Will not be done on the raid to prevent massive battlenecks.

2.8 Solo step.
2.5 Chatchs tactics. Group encounter.

The rest of ml quest encounters can be done ina battlegroup.

Should people before then wish to do any parts, or possibly farm the following quest drops it would be of course helpful.

Kaletor's Staff
Buliss's Sheild
Dimitri's sword
Thao's Staff

All these can be found on named tritons in the tunnels below Sobekite Eternal.

See you all there.


P.S. There will be a ML1 catch up Raid on Tuesday at 7pm gmt. For those who ld'ed had to log etc on Saturday due to the length of time it took. Again only Battlegroup encounters so please please, arrange groups and ensure you have the solo and group encounters completed if you are attending.

Catch up Raid: Meet 7pm gmt Tuesday 2nd March.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 30, 2003
ML2.5 (the chess game) cant be done without a key ... and Im not sure where to get the key :p

However i managed to sneak in when some other people unlocked the door ;)
Just some tips for ppl doing it today.

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