Ml raid 1, Theusday, 15th of march


Fledgling Freddie
Aug 30, 2004
Hello all,

Time for another ml raid.
Ml1 raid will start at 20.00CET, 19.00GMT
Meet in volcanus, bg i son vaviri 30 minuts before raid starts
U need to have the following done:

1.1, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5(solo)
Those 3 will be done with me if u like the day before the raid(monday)

A few rules,
To make this go fast and smooth u need to listen to me, If u think u can do better, then u can organize it yourself.
About pre steps, we won tdo them during the main raid, we dont have time for that and every1 is the same and has to do them before the raid.
Now about LD's, its a sensitive point for all. During a step if we can stop, we will stop and wait for a maximum of 5 minuts for the ld. We wil lonly do a step again if, 1 a lot of ppl have missed it, and 2 if its a step that is up and running again. ofc during ml1 all steps are pretty simple so we wont have much trouble.

I hope i c a lot of you :D

Greets vavires


One of Freddy's beloved
Apr 9, 2004
Sure would love to join with my lvl 44 zerker - if you think vavires that its bit too low, I could come with Ixoth thane (he needs arti exps) or with aug shaman marmattaja (she needs ML exp).

PS. nahkapaska has done pre reqs, and Ixoth and marmattaja have completed ML1 _long_ time ago :-P

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