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Discussion in 'Albion' started by Anarki, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    Hi.. I'm leveling my 3x minstrel now, and i'm wondering wich spec i should have on 50? What is the best spec these days? And should I use thurst or slash (im briton)?

    plz help me out here..
  2. Vae

    Vae Resident Freddy

    How many more of these threads is there going to be?! Is everyone now leveling a mincer?

    Fotm spec: (w/o autotrain)
    50 Instrument
    31 Stealth
    29 Slash

    Group spec: (w/o autotrain)
    50 Instrument
    43 Slash

    Just forget thrust because it sucks for minstrels.
  3. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    know some that are 45 inst, 25 stealth, rest slash
  4. Ulrych

    Ulrych Fledgling Freddie

    Personally having a Hunter before I made my mini, its a pain having low stealth spec unless your high RR or have a BB (just imo)
    sooo, I went 50inst 31stealth 29slash. Thats the jack of all trades spec for me. Can't live without that ablative, its too damn handy! Better than praying for your armour proc to go off ;) Nice stealth so your that bit harder to spot at range and the anytime is just brilliant. Rogue class not uber tank weaponskill so thats fine for me!

    All imo of course XD
  5. Svartur

    Svartur Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah stealth is good

    Specc 50 stealth, 20ish slash and 20ish thrust, and a little bit of music on top of that
  6. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    crap spec imo :p 20 slash 20 thrust, lol! :twak:
  7. Umilard

    Umilard Loyal Freddie

    I disagree, thrust is a very viable spec nowadays, abit harder to play thrust than slash tho since you only have to use one style in slash..

    The combination of good behindstyle in thrust and instant stun is much more powerful than most people realise.
  8. Sarisir

    Sarisir Fledgling Freddie

    I agree with Umi on this 1... I play a thrust mincer, and I have no problem whatsoever taking out slashing mincers or RR4ish pallies for that matter... But I agree that if ppl wanna do the no-brainer-easy-spec thingy, then go for slash. My vote is on thrust for mincers tho...
  9. Yaemon

    Yaemon Fledgling Freddie

    any thoughts on the:

    44 instruments, 39 slash, 29 stealth spec
    44 instruments, 35 slash, 34 stealth

    My thoughts are like this:
    44 instruments give you last dd shouts.
    39/35 slash is easy to take to 50 or close to 50 with sc
    stealth is a problem though.. even 34 might be a bit low for a new 50 minstrel. But i think the second spec might work.

    Does this suck or not? And if so then please explain why.
  10. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    the second spec sounds nice tho
  11. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    what about:
    44 instr / 37 slash / 32 stealth

    any good?
  12. Kreig

    Kreig One of Freddy's beloved

    Tbh is there much point specing stealth with toa so close, also the keep changes next patch will make it more difficult for stealth keep takes. Baring in mind toa is probley little over a month away and get next patch in weeks time.

    My mincer is 50 ins 43 slash, im quite happy with it. But its a grp spec if u want stealth go for slash as you will be fighting sbs who are vunerable, so you might as well opt for increased dmg.
  13. Derric

    Derric Fledgling Freddie

    50 instruments / 43 thrust imo (44 with auto)

    You'll get higher ws with thrust,and you'll suffer less from debuffs. o0
  14. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    gonna be hard to stealth then.. (making a stealth minstrel)

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