Minstrel Charming Question


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 28, 2004
Its been many patches since I used my Minstrel to charm pets etc.. even
then most of that stuff happened before TOA.

Given the new items, and TOA bonuses, can anyone tell me definitively
what things affect charming high level mobs (53+ but preferably the
higher the better) and keeping them charmed without the need to

+Charisma cap (is final Charisma stat taken into account in -vs-resists) ?
RA's? (Aug Charisma?)
Quality of the Instrument (flute/drum? - I know this shouldn't affect it)

Essentially - I want to do some farming with a tough/high level pet without
heaps of aggro from it by not losing control of it.

Has anyone got any experience of this ? and what kind/level of mobs have
they charmed and held with a high degree of stability ?

I'll be RR6 (if Realm Rank has anything to do with it) by the time I actually
do this...


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Instrument spec level and +instruments only.

+duration is useful in extending the charm pulses, but this will definately not allow you to stop double-tapping.

You'll need to be 50 insts, +11 insts and RR7 before you can hold lvl60 pets. You should be good to take lvl57/58 pets atm (assuming you are 50 inst, with a full +11 in template).

Nothing you can do will stop the need for charm-spamming with a high lvl pet. Sorry. :(

It's not so bad, really. Target pet and just hold the charm button down (no need to double-tap, just hold the button to spam). Release the charm key to hit auto-run or turn, then re-hold the charm key. Release charm key to target another mob and set pet to "attack", then retarget pet and rehold charm key. It's also very easy to twist in other songs whilst holding down the charm key... Just release the charm key for a second, double-tap your speed song (or whatever) then re-hold charm key.

After some practice (to get the button-mashing sequence down) you'll easily be able to hold lvl58 pets without trouble. The holy grail (lvl60 centaur pets) will need to wait till you ding RR7 and get 50 instruments +17. :)

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